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Skill Development Through Handwriting

Handwriting is a practice that involves activities of both the brain and the body. It has a number of benefits to be drawn and so it constitutes a significant place in the elementary education. It develops some of the very important skills in an individual. Few of these skills are discussed as under: 1. Vision While practicing handwriting, an individual converts his thoughts into words. These thoughts are a reflection of one’s education, understanding and knowledge. A good thinking ability develops a sound vision. An individual who […]

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Handwriting Improvement Helps In Your Career Development

Everybody likes to have a good handwriting. Mahatma Gandhi said “Good Handwriting is the result of Good Education.” Having a good handwriting is a sign of success. Handwriting is an art performed by figures. Bad handwriting can be frustrating to others, who have to read it. And a good handwriting definitely gives you a better score in the handwriting analysis. That means you stand a better chance for getting a better job. Poor writing style and speed may have a pervasive effect on the overall performance. There […]

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