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Handwriting’ It says what? My oldest daughter has the worst handwriting. She is old enough to know better, but seldom takes the time to slow down and write legibly. How often do you write in a day? Probably more than you think. And when your child has poor handwriting in school, their grades can suffer’ merely by the fact that their teacher can’t read what they’ve written. How can you help? Cursive writing used to be a bigger deal than it is now. I remember being told […]

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4 Reasons to Learn Handwriting

There isn’t a doubt that writing with pen (i.e. writing with hand) is responsible for stimulating the brain. Besides, handwriting results in brain development by involving thinking and synchronization between movements of body etc. In some of the countries like US and Canada print style is being encouraged instead of cursive, while in Asiatic countries like India the cursive style of handwriting is a vital part of the school curriculum. Here is a research finding by Steve Graham that you should consider: “A majority of primary school […]

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How You Can Improve Your Handwriting

It is never too late to develop good handwriting skills. Today’s adults pay little attention to their handwriting since there a few instances that require one to hand write. Once in a while, however, circumstances require a handwritten note and only then do people realize that they have problems with writing. It is then time to find tips on how adults can improve their handwriting. Good handwriting skills are learnt in childhood by developing eye to hand coordination, good posture, good hand positioning, and fine motor skills. […]

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